View Full Version : Do you think Pres. Trump should stop counting Florence deaths after tomorrow?

C. Ross
09-18-2018, 07:11 AM
The President will visit North Carolina tomorrow. If deaths continue to mount after the President's visit do they still "count"?


And are the people of Wilmington excited to see what the President will toss to the crowd?


"There's a lot of love in this room!" - Donald Trump, after throwing paper towels in Puerto Rico.

09-18-2018, 07:23 AM
Bread and circuses would be more filling than paper towels, but less absorbent.

Rich Jones
09-18-2018, 07:57 AM
He's had ample time to visit the area. Plenty of spots drained enough for him to make the standard visit-the-disaster style visit. Where is he? And, will Melania wear her 6-inch spiked heels and famous Ask Me If I Care jacket?

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C. Ross
09-18-2018, 09:05 AM
So yesterday Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a picture of Anderson Cooper reporting on a hurricane.*


His argument is that the media is trying to make President Trump look bad by making Hurricane Florence look worse than it was.

So, wait. If the hurricane is modest, then the President looks good. If it is severe, the President looks bad? So will President Trump take credit for the fact that Florence was downgraded from a Cat 4 hurricane to a tropical storm?

* Turns out the tweet was full of lies. Anderson Cooper accuses Donald Trump Jr. of ‘tweeting lies’ with old hurricane photo - The Washington Posthttps://apple.news/AXk_o-R_uQ0aHfMjHBqYeew

Tom Montgomery
09-18-2018, 09:16 AM
Fredo is a laff riot!

09-18-2018, 11:14 AM
Astonishing mind, that boy. One begins to understand why Dad didn't fully sequester himself from the Trump business.

C. Ross
09-18-2018, 09:14 PM
President Trump, obsessed.

Tomorrow, will he clarify the whole Puerto Rico death count thing to the Carolinans?
Will he remind everyone that he only gets A-pluses for his hurricane relief efforts?
Will he celebrate that only a few people died, much less than in other hurricanes?
Will he mention that hurricanes are less severe under him than they were under Bush and Obama?

Trump rails on top Florida ally over Hurricane Maria flap - POLITICO

President Donald Trump is privately lashing out at one of his top allies, Ron DeSantis, angrily accusing the Florida Republican gubernatorial nominee of publicly betraying him.The president has told close associates in recent days that he views DeSantis — who won his Aug. 28 GOP primary thanks to Trump’s strong support — as profoundly disloyal for distancing himself from the president’s assertion that the Hurricane Maria death toll was inflated by Democrats for political purposes.
“Ron DeSantis is committed to standing with the Puerto Rican community, especially after such a tragic loss of life. He doesn’t believe any loss of life has been inflated,” the DeSantis campaign said last week after Trump tweeted that "3000 people did not die” in Puerto Rico.
Trump’s comments unnerved Republicans across Florida, which is home to a burgeoning Puerto Rican population, leading DeSantis and other Republicans — including Senate hopeful Rick Scott — to publicly break with the president’s remark.
DeSantis’s reaction, however, particularly piqued the president. Trump views the former congressman as politically indebted to him, people familiar with the president’s thinking say, because he believes DeSantis owes his electoral success to him. The president has privately maintained that he was correct with his comments about the hurricane’s death toll, and has expressed frustration that DeSantis crossed him on the matter.
Trump’s anger toward DeSantis is rooted in the extraordinary level of political capital he expended on behalf of the former congressman, who was little-known at the time he began his campaign for governor.
The president — over the wishes of some advisers — endorsed DeSantis in the primary, flew down to the state to campaign with him and lavished him with praise on Twitter. DeSantis, in turn, tied himself closely to Trump, at one point even running a TV ad which featured his infant child wearing a MAGA outfit.
One person close to the president described the situation as a “divorce.” At the moment, Trump has no plans to travel to Florida to campaign for DeSantis in the November general election, according to two GOP officials familiar with the president’s schedule.
But others caution that the president remains eager for his party to win the governor’s race in the nation’s largest swing state -- and equally eager take credit for it – which could lead Trump to put the rift behind him.
“So yeah, maybe the president is angry, but he’ll cool off,” said Michael Caputo, a former Trump advisor who lives part-time in Miami. “He knows Florida is more of a hospitable place for him in 2020 with DeSantis in the governor’s mansion than [Democrat] Andrew Gillum. President Trump needs DeSantis in 2020 just like DeSantis needs Trump in 2018.”
A White House spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.