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09-08-2018, 12:16 PM
My 60 year old under deck furling gear has finally sopped working.
Due to age & health I cannot sail with a pull up halyard.
I would like recommendation for a reef/furl gear for a 125 squ foot jib.
Inexpensive if possible.
It does not need to be under the deck.

Zane Lewis
09-10-2018, 04:51 AM
Sorry I have no idea about cheap under deck furlers but someone should have some idea. Just wanted to give your question a bump.
The only under deck stuff I'm familiar with is the higher end racing type of stuff. Very nice but not cheap.
Do you have a luff spar or is it a wire that twists.
Ie can you get away with just replacing the bottom drum and top and bottom swivels or is it time for the whole shooting match??

Phil Y
09-10-2018, 05:04 AM
I would think if you hunt around you will find an old dragon somewhere which is never going back in the water again. There's probably a dragon association somewhere or the remains of one.

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04-16-2019, 09:27 AM
Remains of one?!

The International Dragon continues to be actively raced around the world. The International Dragon association is alive and well and there are national associations in around 36 countries.

CliveP, send an email to Tim Tavinor at Petticrows (www.petticrows.co.uk). They continue to make state of the art Dragons. He will be very helpful in locating a second-hand unit.