View Full Version : Australia Is Set to Become The First Country to Completely Eliminate One Cancer

03-07-2018, 09:49 PM
Australia Is Set to Become The First Country to Completely Eliminate One Type of Cancer (ARTICLE LINK) (https://www.sciencealert.com/australia-eradication-human-papillomavirus-vaccine-scheme)

The International Papillomavirus Society has announced that Australia could become the first country to eliminate cervical cancer entirely.

According to a new study, Australia's efforts to distribute a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine for free in schools have been a resounding success.

The sexually transmitted infection causes 99.9 percent of cases of cervical cancer.

In 2007, the Australian federal government began offering the vaccine to girls aged 12-13, and in 2013 it was made available to boys, too. Girls and boys outside of that age bracket but under nineteen are also entitled to two free doses of the vaccine.

Between 2005 and 2015, the percentage of Australian women aged between 18 and 24 who had HPV dropped from 22.7 percent to just 1.1 percent.

Immunization rates have increased further since 2015, contributing to what's being described as a "herd protection" effect.

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George Jung
03-07-2018, 09:52 PM
And I believe the USA has had the vaccine longer - but don't have the 'compliance' rates Australia has achieved.

03-07-2018, 09:54 PM
But what about autism? Aren't they afraid everyone's going to be autistic because of it? :D

George Jung
03-07-2018, 09:56 PM
*some* are afraid.... very afraid!

CK 17
03-07-2018, 11:08 PM
Remember when gov. Rick Perry of Texas mandated the vaccine? I’m sure the laws been overturned by now.