View Full Version : The Imperial Cabinet Secretary

Norman Bernstein
10-13-2017, 07:24 AM
This one is almost impossible to believe....

Washington Post (http://wapo.st/2xCCwWx): “At the Interior Department’s headquarters in downtown Washington, Secretary Ryan Zinke has revived an arcane military ritual that no one can remember ever happening in the federal government. A security staffer takes the elevator to the seventh floor, climbs the stairs to the roof and hoists a special secretarial flag whenever Zinke enters the building.”

“When the secretary goes home for the day or travels, the flag — a blue banner emblazoned with the agency’s bison seal flanked by seven white stars representing the Interior bureaus — comes down. In Zinke’s absence, the ritual is repeated to raise an equally obscure flag for Deputy Secretary David Bernhardt.”

Jim Mahan
10-13-2017, 07:42 AM

10-13-2017, 07:53 AM
How embarrassing. Does the Royal Standard travel with him, raised wherever he may be at the time? Or maybe it's folded and stored in an iron-strapped strongbox, suspended from two poles and borne before him by four mighty eunuchs wearing bison emblazoned blue robes and MAGA hats with swinging teabags.

Why won't these guys enter the 21st Century? For a small fee, I'm sure that the "Pokémon Go" folks (or for a lower price, the Russians) could easily have the current location of Zinke's cellphone show up as a Pokémon gym. Much less bother, and Zinke could himself look forward to evolution.