View Full Version : My suggestion on guns

John Smith
10-04-2017, 07:28 AM
I'm serious. NYT tells us mass murders are happening at a rate of more than once a day. That only counts the dead. No doubt, many people get shot and survive, or live long enough to get to a hospital where they are treated.
That treatment costs money. That cost is paid by tax payers or insurance premiums.

It's my opinion that if this argument were made we could get broad support for moving this cost from the tax payer and our insurance premiums to the people who have the guns and buy the ammo.

Rather than making any of this stuff illegal, which is always a failed effort, let's see if we can put a tax on ammo sufficient to cover the cost of treating gun shot victims.

I see this as a 'way in", a possible crack in the armor of gun rights activists. We don't tell them they can't have their toys, but we ask them to pay for the damage those toys do.

This would include, along with wounds, property damage. If my car is parked, and in the process of shooting at people my car is hit by several bullets, let the bullet tax pay to fix it.