View Full Version : Pros and cons of removing glassed holds in wooden troller?

09-07-2017, 09:33 AM
Hello all. I am currently restoring a 1965 Deltaga wooden troller. I have been involved with her for almost 6 years now cruising and sportfishing while upgrading. She is fully glassed and foamed from the engineroom aft bulkhead to the lazzarette with a hold and two seperate livewells. I had no intentions of removing the foam and glass. There has always been some leakage of water on the portside interior of the engine room thru the ceiling during winter months of heavy rain. Recently I removed a large part of the bulkhead between the aft of the engine room and the forward live well to facillitate the removal of the gear for repairs. All the materials in the bulkhead appear to be in good condition. It is my opinion that all of that foam and glass enhances the structural integrity of the hull. Although there is no way to really know what is inder all that glass the current configuration fits my plans so i intend to leave it in place. I am wondering if any forum members have experience that they may wish to share relating to similar circumstances?

Ian McColgin
09-07-2017, 10:28 AM
I've a friend converting a 60'+ sardine carrier which of course had a huge glass and insulated hold making most other uses of the boat impossible. So, after a legendary time when he filled the hold with water and had a pool party in the middle of Nantucket Sound, he donned a hazmat costume and spent a miserable few weeks ripping it out. He already knew of some rot in the deck and deck beams. Turned out that the hull had a still sound ceiling (structural) and the hull outside the frames was fine. It was really that air could circulate between hull and ceiling and that on the inside of the ceiling the hold was glassed to the ceiling with a good bond, no rot.

If you don't have a ceiling with air circulation, then I'd be a bit concerned, but if you are to have serious rot problems, even starting on the inside, they should show up when you do your annual, especially around any fastenings. So, since you use the hold and well, I'd support your inclination to carry on unless there is some sign of trouble.


09-07-2017, 11:07 AM
Thnx Ian. We haulout annually and are pretty thourough so I also thought that we would see signs of concern at this time. BTW that must have been some pool party!

09-07-2017, 07:02 PM
Pull the garboard under the hold and check the limbers, cheeks, frames and floors. That is where you will find the rot. From above it will all look nice. If you pull fasteners, pull down low, not at some comfortable height. Condensation and fresh water kill boats.