View Full Version : Weird day economically for me.

Jim Mahan
08-26-2017, 06:39 PM
I saved the money for a washing machine repair, prolly a couple of hundred bucks, by doing it myself this morning. Then I found twenty-six cents, a quarter and a penny, in the inlet to the pump that drains the washer. Also this morning, I sold my vintage Delta six inch jointer to a nice kid who was wearing a Lie Nielsen tool t-shirt when he showed up, for two hundred twenty bucks. Oddly, it was what he offered, and I am pretty sure the asking price I put in the craigslist ad was only an even two hundred. Like a ten percent tip. I bought the jointer eight years ago, for twenty bucks, from two kids who had an ad on craigslist. In the meantime, I derusted it, sharpened the blades and gave it a coat of paint, and used it some, not a lot. Yeah, I sharpened the jointer blades on my six inch bench grinder and they cut flawlessly in the demo this morning. The big ol' motor from 1938 hummed like a new one.

With the cash from the sale, since I don't need it for a replacement for the jointer, I will get two ozs of medicine that will see me through most of the way to the next harvest, in my ongoing grow experiment. That will be a c note. Also, with the same guy who just put that five twenties in his pocket, I will go tonight to spend another thirty bucks to watch the fight. Part of the thirty is for pizza. The fight may well be the most watched and the largest purse ever for a fight, hundreds of millions of bucks for each of the fighters. For what will probably be less than an hour of actual fighting. The fight will be seen in the arena in Vegas for hundreds or thousand s of bucks per seat, with glitterati in sky boxes paying some ungodlly amount. Movie theaters, and hotels and bars and clubs, simultaneously in hundreds of other countries all around the world will show the fight. Millions will watch it at home on pay per view. Probably most of them with six friends who wll help support the pizza industry and bring their own brew.

It was a good thing that I had to move the washer away from the wall; the jointer runs on two-twenty and the outlet is behind the washer.


08-26-2017, 06:51 PM
Serendipity has its moments. :)