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06-11-2017, 12:43 PM

Group DescriptionHash House Harriers in St. Kitts, West Indies

A Drinking Club For People With A Running Problem

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The World Harrier Organization is a loose association of friendly groups or clubs who practice the sport of hare and hounds. In this sport, there are hare(s) (a runner or runners) who lay a trail (usually cross-country) with various trail marking materials (like flour, chalk, or the toilet paper used in the Orlando picture below).
The hares are then followed by the pack of hounds (other runners) a few minutes after the hares are off.
The eventual goal of the hounds is to catch a hare before the trail is completed.
It is quite fun, with the side effect that you may accidentally get into shape doing the sport.
Some participants may run fast, others just jog and most groups nowadays permit walkers to negotiate the trail.
They are loosely kept together in ability packs through the use of false trails and ingenious trail design (hopefully).
A few groups may occasionally pre-lay trails, kind of taking the sport out of it, but they usually make up for it with social activity along the trail.
Most groups in the world chase a live hare setting the trail ahead of them.
Groups usually finish their runs with some social activity, song, refreshment and snacks, and sometimes a meal.

"The World Harrier Organization is a state of mind - a friendship of kindred spirits joined together for a bit of hounds and hares sport, reliving their childhood or youth, releasing the tensions of everyday life, and generally acting a fool amongst others who will not judge you or measure you by anything more than your sense of humor."

Stray Dog
(from the World Harrier Organization Manual)

So are you a harrier?

David W Pratt
06-11-2017, 02:49 PM
Thank goodness it wasn't "toilet paper, used"

Ian McColgin
06-11-2017, 05:42 PM
Fulfilling my role as Bilge Rat of the Month and grammar nazi Donn pro temp - that would be ". . . an HHH ?"