View Full Version : Red Tip Photina wood, a type of cherry

06-11-2017, 08:39 AM
I have been cutting down some massive photina along my fenceline.
This wood is extremely dense and hard tight grain very strong. And I have lots of thick straight pieces.
Color is like light golden yellow brown, sort of like bleached teak.
Fresh cut ends you can not even see any grain.


I am thinking I could use it for samson posts to tie off the boat.
To rough shape I can use a chainsaw, then my table saw to form the square post.
And Where the rope will go round at the top, I am thinking make that round, drill the hole and pass the SS bar through.
Pics of these Photina

Actually related to apple

This 'shrub' was overplanted in our region, and many have gotten the blight and died. These I allowed to grow like trees and were lovely with red leaves, but they also got sick and mostly dying now.

David G
06-11-2017, 09:55 AM
Nice to get some home-grown lumber. Treat the ends, stack, sticker, and cover... and you'll end up with some nice lumber. Rough guide is - air drying takes about 1 year per inch of thickness. Or you can find a local small custom kilning operation, and have it in 1-2 months. Yes, more closely related to apple than cherry, apparently. I've never seen that species. I hope you'll share some fotos when you get some with finish on it.