View Full Version : I suggest that an experienced U.S. Attorney be appointed FBI Director

Jim Bow
05-09-2017, 08:41 PM
Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie spring to mind.

05-09-2017, 08:42 PM
Uhhh... Really?

05-09-2017, 09:03 PM
Be careful what jokes you make Jim.............

Rich Jones
05-09-2017, 09:31 PM
Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie spring to mind. I wouldn't put it past DT to attempt to place one of his flunkies as FBI director.

Jim Bow
05-09-2017, 09:35 PM
The Senate has to approve. Hopefully Graham and McCain have enough clout to prevent Flunkygate.

05-09-2017, 09:57 PM
I nominate Sally Yates.


05-09-2017, 10:00 PM
Preet Bharara.

05-09-2017, 10:01 PM
I'm hearing Sheriff Clark or Sheriff Joe.

Ted Hoppe
05-09-2017, 10:17 PM
Perhaps a cyber expert and someone with good communication skills.


05-10-2017, 02:58 AM
With that CV Donald will give him job.

05-10-2017, 04:05 AM
Hillary is an experienced attorney. :d

Tom Montgomery
05-10-2017, 04:56 AM
Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie spring to mind.
They spring to the mind of others as well:

Of all the instant reactions and hot takes on President Trump’s decision to fire his FBI director, few seemed as blunt as Jeffrey Toobin’s.

The CNN legal analyst and longtime New Yorker staff writer didn’t mince words when he was asked to provide some context on the sacking of James B. Comey, the top official leading the probe into possible ties to the Russian government by members of the Trump campaign.

“It’s a grotesque abuse of power by the president of the United States,” Toobin told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

“This is the kind of thing that goes on in non-democracies,” he said, “that when there is an investigation that reaches near the president of the United States or the leader of a non-democracy, they fire the people who are in charge of the investigation.”

Toobin went on to say that “if anyone thinks that a new FBI director is going to come in and the agency will just take over and continue their investigation as if this had never happened, that’s not how it works. They will put in a stooge who will shut down this investigation.” He specifically mentioned New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Administration officials said Tuesday that Comey was fired because he had publicly discussed the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email server while secretary of state. The move violated Justice Department principles and procedures for handling investigations, and had damaged the FBI’s credibility, officials said.

Toobin dismissed the administration’s explanation for Comey’s dismissal as “a lie.”

“It is not possibly true,” he said. “They wanted to fire him now, when he is investigating the White House. I mean, sometimes the most obvious explanation is the correct one.”


Keith Wilson
05-10-2017, 07:10 AM
They will put in a stooge who will shut down this investigation.5:1 odds.

jack grebe
05-10-2017, 07:15 AM
Can you imagine Christie shutting down the beltway...... Weeeeeeeeeee

05-10-2017, 07:49 AM
Preet Bharara.


He's available.