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05-09-2017, 07:19 AM
I'm moving along with the Campion Apple build but I've come to a design question that I'm not sure how to handle. Forward of the main mast, I am putting in a small deck and according to plans it should be roughly parallel to the waterline. It looks fine in the plan, but now that I put the line on the strakes to approximate where the deck will go, it looks odd to me. I know it is just a perspective thing, but it seems like once completed, it will look like the deck is sloping forward. I have been scouring the interwebs for similarly decked boats but can't find much. It seems that most boats will have the deck either follow the gunwale or at least noticeable slope upward. Is this something I should consider changing? I am already going rogue with the rest of the interior, so I'm just looking for thoughts. If anyone has photos of a similar layout, I'd love to see what it looks like realized. Thanks.

The plan:
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/iurspp9irQB1ldDfscajP2qpdMmK6fL-spmrjeizbk7SAr4dkx0BC_bbO5FwouruWmbIxK88NLvWcEI9f-B3LpfNv5OAkzq-T2i_k4IcZAGRq5_LDS-68BFQUBbVfeRJIGgdeHFINw5CMVF17wqU6JzqAm_Q0IX9Cluso 2d3mJvz6ma1N3GADk4S0b5cfG4HXwrM-2LkdJRhRZRfv4fPUY5ABIUJJNylVc2fj-K_CL0_dKZSQADFdI3p2CxRFYke2gWgSG1NEcrlt7E3-AsH-tQjKLvq20Ct5DDkIbECxN6M4iVwL1x_V35FWHETPh0IivuztMs 6JVEGXjir3CjeFV0xlvgS5CUQdXG-HGkXfG_Qtg1tLMgoaBDWMxfCc-kbCh7DfQlQmaOcLSfL2JoUk5HuqfiVGPy_ObzNyYmwe4qpVZz_ cSd9ijqzdJhEo5Sv5yCqUCUdUpdY3_eXkUE5js7FnmKXgVaGql kZfK6qJy8RftzWK7Sc_2EMwCjeYfjA-1E12n17wMDlsZEERP-FACaCozRwFQPT3CqFwVcV4lHxlz6uZh4Pt7Hl_i-bc2bBiPp0gbKcCu4Aed2FE8Hav2Kf9eHpY8dQDJFXvzt6FyB6U qFDBx3lDRU6eEHThVWkrNzDaH-mDI_pC6E_pRvfyiM6_DAP_4J6q4449b0q4D4=w507-h400-no
Actual (The red line drawn along the strakes marks the proposed deck location:
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/oFheJlxv83ftU2osGHuSpzVHmQs0-vPxqpPdk-OYAKXDpcQi9zspvBh5T-4NsRj_ASRRjLN2tHbchHnu7V8y06A9sX7unBAF_fKfFn1nT2_6 8hPkum_SScEXeoCEz48jgiqnF3mmVN1swKNvT_lrtoRGjjCV1Y 7-4ytuWn-6g1wwZ7OE2ImtnDRWHEs2Cmmy1RIB0KLxNRXzp3l4mxrJ1YoVV atwtubdyQuzAriSwJt4lYy8yzOC11F2JK1zNROTN1vKuvDRKab nqi_wQ7xL7O0hgtwDMl2esL85wGh89YjZ4D2SvCfL7eHDdcD34 moc0rAniu3PMTF37iBX2izWAiOX5aCTB-xjxW-d_AL0qkqR6lUjbye5PwxbTVuRtJOHO8zC8NlADg9hMbaDmqr_P 60shxNqqF5ya10t6vmBkUuD3cCIvMOcCgE1TNShmWQl6eSv98M trLf0r2Md_Z45RxneXKSAJhJZh5QKbXTf9XP34COlCNFkR69Yg CA5YDSjGIw9Lr13W-imktHU4DsjcK-oHT1lDOT4XwiGWo3Bifb2D5_p9eiB0uuibiio6U1fwpsrjz87U lTrZNUoNi3VjlH8Ry8QGVmUZq56JW4w_A0S1Y1RKZ1dGlXwDYX PsDfEtZYRoge7WoacSplN2N5bUBhZcyW8eNmQxjhumaNafVI=w 860-h512-no

05-09-2017, 10:28 AM
I have a similar layout in my modified Alaska, where I put in a small deck well below the gunwales. I kept it parallel to the waterline, and it looks like this in real life:

http://i1022.photobucket.com/albums/af343/WI-Tom/Boat%20pictures/Alaska%20build/35977bb8-b981-417c-87fe-69f8322022dd.jpg (http://s1022.photobucket.com/user/WI-Tom/media/Boat%20pictures/Alaska%20build/35977bb8-b981-417c-87fe-69f8322022dd.jpg.html)

http://i1022.photobucket.com/albums/af343/WI-Tom/Boat%20pictures/Alaska%20build/DSCN2699.jpg (http://s1022.photobucket.com/user/WI-Tom/media/Boat%20pictures/Alaska%20build/DSCN2699.jpg.html)

Seems correct to me--and a lot more convenient to have a flat surface for sitting, stowing, or (in my case) to serve as part of a sleeping platform. I've seen similar sunken decks on lapstrake designs and it looks right there, too (e.g. Iain Oughtred double-enders).


05-09-2017, 10:36 AM
I put a foredeck like that in a Caledonia Yawl and I gave it a little more rise towards the bow. I didn't want water to sit up there while on a mooring, I wanted it to drain down to the bilge. Maybe just raise it up to the plank seem at the stem.
It couldn't hurt to mock it up with some cardboard or thin ply.

05-09-2017, 11:02 AM
My Oughtred boat has them both ends and they follow the lap seams. Looks right to me.

Mike Seibert
05-09-2017, 12:16 PM
I don't know if this would apply to your boat, but, on my Lightning, the leading Lightning builder told me to run a line from the stem to the transom CL, and to make the CL of the deck the height of the line. The other way to build a Lightning deck is to make it with a arc with a 20 ft radius. But, if you make all of the deck beams 20 ft, there is a subtle dip in the deck as it approaches the stem. Either way, you end up with a deck with a modest arc that helps shed water.

05-09-2017, 09:16 PM
Thanks for the photos/ideas. I think I will make up a cardboard mock up and see how it looks somewhere between the as-designed elevation and following the strake seams. I'll check back when I finally decide.

05-27-2017, 07:52 AM
I ended up splitting the difference between the as-designed elevation and following the strake which resulted in the forward end being about 2" higher than as designed. I think it looks a lot better now and will let any water drain aft when at anchor. Here is a picture of the deck roughed in at the new elevation:
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/WogVyKWJSEv8h0CLCaefsegZ2d5ERG9a3oTT7MoYcrwiaIl7-IrSeMLl5bPRMczX9yqouLAN62UsZzfboPSO1ahAfSwGZASBEKx-ggL8lclyGYbKPh_AzK6ca1goNYpaZwfd1l2zVv9_h_SNP43zG3 5M7LCx-GUBuUDUrkdUBzVhNZrS3PAAeYyhjuaW8QECGoMCASDXF_QjnSH DPLxSpnqlFRwezRrc72JBxOHVknb0F8XraPpXvtFgKryV5LARE 4rL-wSKFhCCV8McZsS0pfovSIHLP79msjYspNcvehf-2RcSJLmjBbM7hx5uLIBOapM2Oi38fIF3djW6C_7ss890gtmJii zLPl5tQGoiRM8G5NsjCFUX6NKfVh_f-VZThgQK6ypubHE2_2t_B8k8sYkpKXu465tF9Ly9W0OB8tx68eL ESO81_WlkVivzFYLGg-PGSd_k-KG6s2InZjPgdnUTpPamZmMXYsf62OH9vWWQoMZytKcjtaR7Zru Pv37ywOMPqRBXLeJnZjEnzMwhLn-zUBTs645RgvGY3CuwyKbUw0IkUcbf1sMDFdDfh4QaxKskc9k5b o_0F6FIKcZkfFLfIV0f7aT7kY3anniLWQl7WLxJ7g=w800-h600-no