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03-07-2017, 09:20 PM
I have a wooden carvel built, gaff rigged sloop 25ft on Texada island, BC Canada.This spring I intend to strip her back to bare wood and was hoping someone in these waters could recommend best paint. Pretty sure I will go with water based above the waterline but not sure about the bottom paint. I am a new owner and now have 'Henry' on the hard.Not worried about her drying too fast as she is blocked up in the shade but I will be constructing a good cover I can work under at some point.Appreciate any comments, thanks, GP

03-07-2017, 10:50 PM
Welcome to the forum!

How many opinions would you like? If you get 20 replies, expect 22 opinions... :)

More info on the boat? Carvel planked? Wood type? Age?

On my 75YO wood sloop (mostly Alaskan Yellow cedar), I've had very goof luck with Interlux both top & bottom. Not water-base though - one part poly for the topsides (Brightsides). Interlux primer underneath.

My brother is a big Kirby fan & uses it exclusively on the topsides on his 50+ YO sloop. Bottom paint he uses is either Interlux or Pettit. Kirby generally needs some penetrol added to flow well & is a less glassy finish than the Brightsides.

Been hearing good things about new water-based bottom paints, but no personal experience.

Both our boats are in Maine - so similar waters.

03-08-2017, 11:27 AM
Where is mine ?

03-08-2017, 11:50 AM
oops - mispelled. Sorry - Maine