View Full Version : Which Hardener.... 206 or 207?

07-22-2002, 10:08 AM
West System offers several varieties of hardener. I want the longer pot life available in the 206 and 207 but the 207 is advertised for use in clear-coating. I was thinking that it would be especially nice to use around the areas that would be finished bright (wouldn't have to worry so much about being as neat). Any thoughts or experiences? Thanks.


Rich VanValkenburg
07-22-2002, 10:43 AM
I've used the 207 on areas that needed the UV protection. It seems to sand easier than 206-hardened epoxy. 206 always seemed to harden a little gummy, not sure what everyone else's experience is.


Bob Cleek
07-22-2002, 11:13 AM
Can't say I've ever seen any difference regarding the clear coating properties, but I have no reason to question their product info. You won't get away with being sloppy, I don't think, because you'll have to sand things fair and clean up slop if you want a nice brightwork effect anyhow. However, after you price the stuff, you may opt for the "slow" over the "ultra slow" hardener. Last time I bought a batch, the super slow 507 was something like half again the price!

Bill Perkins
07-22-2002, 12:00 PM
Didn't the 207 come into being because the 206 occasionally clouded in hot humid conditions ? I heard this from a Southern Florida builder . If so , the 207 may be the safest choice for clear coating in the deep South .

Todd Bradshaw
07-22-2002, 12:22 PM
207 is better for humid conditions and on boats with thicker resin coatings, like strip canoes and modern, epoxy-coated mahogany runabout replicas, much clearer than 205 or 206. Gougeon Brothers goes as far as to specifically not recommend using 206 for clear coating. Remember that even 207 still must be protected with a good U.V. filtering varnish.

07-22-2002, 12:52 PM
Bob... point taken. I didn't mean that I'd be leaving globs of epoxy all over. I just figured that if I did manage to get a few smudges here and there that it would be less of an issue with the hardener that cured to more of a clear finish. That notwithstanding... it sounds like I need to be using the 207 anyway due to the humidity down here. Thanks all for the input.


Buddy Sharpton
07-22-2002, 03:43 PM
The 207 doesn't provide UV protection- no WEST product does. It does cure much clearer, doesn't produce an amine blush which makes recoating easier.

Todd Bradshaw
07-22-2002, 04:25 PM
The catalog says it "contains a U.V. stabilization addative, but still requires long-term protection with paint or varnish". It also says "low blush", not "no blush". It would be wise to assume that there is blush, even if you can't feel it and deal with it accordingly.