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08-23-2016, 08:58 AM
I have a vendor who owns an Old-Town Lapstrake runabout (See the picture below)


He's in the Western Massachusetts area and the boat has a long family history - purchased by this man's father, handed down to him, enjoyed with his children and maintained meticulously throughout the life of the boat. The picture is recent - past year from what I was told. The boat has apparently suffered a "keel failure" according to the owner - a broken back. Previous work that required more significant boat building and repair skills than the owner is comfortable with were done by J.C. Minot. While he's probably going to be heading back to Minot's for repair work, he was curious if anyone knew of a builder who has experience with this type of boat and does this sort of work a bit closer to home.

Suggestions, folks? :confused:

08-23-2016, 09:46 AM
Nice boat (I had one while growing up, the 13'6" with fore and mid decks). So he is in western Mass, ........... ahh, .. where is J.C. Minot??
Anything more specific on the problem. As I remember the external keel is attached after planking, so that alone wouldn't be a bad job. If the keel batten needs work the garboards probably have to come off first. These boats are all fastened with little wood screws (no rivets or machine screws and nuts). I suspect it could be tedious carefully getting those little ~70 yr old screws out (may well be brass instead of bronze).

08-23-2016, 09:58 AM
J.C. Minot works out of Atkinson, ME. IIRC, he's Jerry Stelmok's S-I-L. The owner knows something of J.C.'s schedule and apparently there is an opportunity to either meet up on an upcoming trip, or to have the boat picked up.

Haven't seen the damage or photos of the damage in person, so I can't tell the extent. It sounds like the external keel, but I think there might be damage to the keel batten and garboards as a result of the failure. I was told it looked almost like it had been sawn through, the break was so clean.