View Full Version : How could I most easily repair this rot on my first sailing dinghy?

08-10-2016, 04:23 PM
Hello All,

I am working on a dinghy restoration process and am trying to address the wood rot at the port stern rub rail.

Here are two pictures of the edge that needs repair (http://imgur.com/a/GWbJv)

Overhead picture before rub rail removed (http://i.imgur.com/wsSboPL.jpg)

Full album of the dinghy (http://imgur.com/a/mqmp2)

I've already cut a portion of the rub rail away that I plan to replace. The rot is mostly on the side but also on the very edge of the transom.

This was a $100 dinghy so I'm not really willing to buy a sheet of marine ply and cut a new hull section. Also would prefer not having to cut out the old and scarf in a new piece of plywood section but I know that is what I'll get told to do.

Any recommendations on the best "value" course of action? I plan to strip and repaint the entire inside and outside this week.

Bonus points if you can identify the weird green primer that was present on the hull sides but not bottom.


Peerie Maa
08-10-2016, 04:30 PM
The cheapest way, but unsightly, would be to cut off a strip say 4 inch deep. Glue and screw (or clench over roves) a 3 inch deep doubler on the inside, and glue and screw a replacement strip of side plank on using the doubler as a seam batten.

Jay Greer
08-10-2016, 05:24 PM
You will save both time and frustration by taking the bull by the tail and bravely facing the issue! This means replacing the entire side that is rotten. Rot spores have a nasty habit of traveling into and through the inner cores of plywood! This means the patching will not stop the rest from rotting in the not too distant future. Patching it will provide a temporary repair if, indeed, that is all you want. If it were my own boat, I would replace the entire side as it is cheaper by the labor savings it will provide. By doing this you are insuring a longer life and service for your little ship.