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C. Ross
07-28-2016, 06:41 AM
One imagines President Trump, at a press conference in the Kremlin after a summit meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Reporter: "Mr. President, did you and President Putin discuss terrorism?"

Trump: "President Putin and Russia will be a big part of my anti-terror strategy. A big part. I've been signaling this to NATO. What we were doing before, under President Obama, can't hold because terror is intensifying. Terrible. Just awful. We've made a deal, believe me President Putin and I know how to make great, great deals. We're going to create a no-fly safe zone. We're going to squeeze terrorists in Europe from both ends. And then we'll see what happens. ISIS attacks in Europe? Terrible. Awful. We're going to win so fast folks. Believe me."

Russian reporter: "President Putin, will Russia participate in this effort?"

Putin: "President Trump has agreed that Russia will have freedom of action in certain areas in order to achieve these anti-terrorism objectives."

Trump: "Freedom of action. That's huge. People say Russia isn't democratic. Believe me I know freedom. I love freedom. We can get wonderful things done working with Russia, not against them. Terrible. Awful.

Putin: "Heh heh heh"

Duncan Gibbs
07-28-2016, 07:02 AM
One imagines President Trump, [...]
Whoooa Friend! Back right up there!

I don't want to imagine any such thing. That is a world gone mad. Loco crazy!

You're going to have to hold your nose to do such a thing, but you know what must be done on the 8th of November. Just play Scriabin going to the booth and Schubert coming back. :)

07-28-2016, 09:11 AM
" I looked into his eyes. I saw a KGB agent ". -John McCain