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David G
06-19-2016, 11:32 AM
OK... and conservatives, too.

Notes from the summer of '04 --



"I fear the gap between the haves and the have-nots in America will continue to grow exponentially," Sarah Nelson said.

Fear and loathing?

"I fear socially-acceptable intolerance and bigotry in the name of religion," Liz Burnside of Vancouver wrote. "I fear xenophobia in the name of patriotism."

Fear and prescience?

"I fear demagogues, on the edges of both the left and the right, who have simple, angry answers," Bob Robison told me.
In the summer of 2004. In the shadow of the Twin Towers and the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

That summer was the vitriolic build-up to the re-election of George W. Bush. In late June, as the rancor intensified, I asked readers (http://www.oregonlive.com/news/oregonian/steve_duin/index.ssf/2004/06/steve_duin_fear_is_the_cheapes.html), "What are we afraid of? What divides and conquers us? What keeps us up at night?"

We were two years before the birth of Twitter. Oregonlive's raging comment stream was barely a trickle. But the column struck a nerve. Within 24 hours, hundreds of readers responded, sharing their alarm.

06-19-2016, 03:22 PM
I will forever associate the Oregonian with a memorable week of cycling with about 1200 of my closest friends, way back in 1999. Recently, I have been following Les Zaitz for his coverage of the recent unpleasantness in the southeast part of the state. We rode through John Day, where Lavoy Finicum was headed just before his untimely demise.

06-19-2016, 03:28 PM
I'm afraid of those people who have had a negative impact on my life all my life. They work hard, but they think lazy. They don't have an original idea, parrot what they are told, and are dead certain they are smarter than anyone else.

When I studied water-oriented life saving the first thing they teach you is that you can't let them drag you under. Two deaths are not better than one. The people who don't give honest thought to their lives or their actions have dragged me under more times that I can count. And they do it all in the name of independence.

06-19-2016, 04:02 PM
I ain't a-feared of nuttin, see?