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Jamie Hascall
08-20-2002, 07:29 PM
It's haulout time again and I'm wondering again if anyone has taken the plunge and used water based antifouling paints like Woolsey Neptune II or Hydrocoat. The lower nastiness quotient is really inviting but if it doesn't work I'm not inclined to use it. The Puget Sound waters are not bad as far as fouling goes but my last choice didn't do as well as I'd hoped so I'm looking to change again. Any thoughts?


Todd Bradshaw
08-20-2002, 08:45 PM
I've used Hydrocoat on two boats now and have no plans to use anything else in the future. It's very easy to apply (reminds me of rolling a coat of latex on a wall) with no nasty fumes. Water clean-up is a snap and it's about as good as anything else I've tried at preventing stuff from growing on the bottom. We generally pull into the shallows, mid season and sponge-off the bottom and end-of-season clean-up is done with a hose and a sponge. The next year's prep is usually a matter of either just touching up thin spots or, if it needs it, rolling on another coat. As far as I've been able to tell, being out of the water for several months doesn't seem to diminish it's effectiveness since it wears off in use, exposing fresh material.

I was leery of trying it at first since the concept seemed too easy. The first boat originally had Unepoxy Plus on it, which worked fine but left a buildup of old paint that eventually needed to be stripped and sanded off - which was a horrible job. I then tried VC-17, which was very smooth, but really has some nasty fumes. In less than two months, the bottom was heavily grown over and we had a devil of a time trying to get the slime off without abrading off that super-thin layer of paint. The next season, I sanded off the VC and swore I would never sand the bottom again, so I switched to Hydrocoat. It's not as smooth as VC-17, but has a lot more copper to prevent growth, it never needs to be sanded and is a snap to apply. I'm sold on the stuff.

Jamie Hascall
08-21-2002, 11:36 AM
Thanks Todd, I'm glad to hear about the reduced residue etc. since I've spent a lot of time scraping a lot of old paint off Victoria's bottom.

Has anyone else had any salt water experience with the stuff? Hydrocoat has less copper than Neptune II so I'm wondering if the greater toxicity is needed around here for the barnacles. I guess I could add some cayenne too.

By the way, Boat US has Hydrocoat on sale right now for $44.99 a gallon. I 'm going to call and see what the shipping time would be. The problem is that I'm hauling out tomorrow so I don't know if it can get here in time to make the price break worthwhile.


Ed Nye
08-22-2002, 10:33 AM
I used Pettit's new?? Ultra last time. It's not water borne, but has anti-slime gunk in it. So far, I am tickled. We don't have much of an animal problem here (as you know). I haul every other year; two coats (probably could get by with one), but the slime and algae have always driven me nuts. With this stuff, so far nothing. It costs an arm and a leg; still it's less than the haulout. Since you are a member of the CWB, Dock's and Fisheries Supply both give you a pretty good discount.

Jamie Hascall
08-22-2002, 08:20 PM
Thanks Ed, I'm going to give the Neptune II a try. I can't get the Hydrocoat from Boat US in time (for less than $110 Fed-Ex shipping :eek: ) and the Neptune II is the only one available locally. Still, I think it's worth a try since it's an ablative and if it doesn't work so well I'll have to do minimal sanding to get back to my base coat. I'm going to use black this time instead of the red that I've used in the past so I can see when it starts to wear through.

I hauled out today at Vic Francks Yard. Great fun to haul on a dry dock instead of with a travel lift. The dry dock goes up and down on big threaded shafts turning through old Sherman Tank transmissions. It's truly a place full of history (established 1927) including one of their own 32'Dream Boat style motor launches that they're about to restore in the wet dock. Old Vic told me they had made 20 of these boats. This one showed up in the paper a few years back for $5K. It's rough but totally original. I can't wait to see it in a few years. I'll try to post some pics of this boat and of my haul.