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Wooden Boat Fittings
06-03-2016, 10:05 PM
Your PM box is full, and I don't have your email. But if/when you see this, get in touch eh?

Cheers, Mike

06-04-2016, 10:59 AM
And Warren, if you do read this, hello from an old friend.

Mickey Lake

06-04-2016, 02:54 PM
Hello from me too. I miss him, his backcountry walkabouts and his photographs...

jack grebe
06-04-2016, 02:58 PM
Hello from me too. I miss him, his backcountry walkabouts and his photographs...


Wooden Boat Fittings
06-04-2016, 09:08 PM
Thanks Donn.

The numbers quoted in your Post #7 are regrettably not phone numbers. No idea what they are -- membership numbers perhaps.

He's not listed in the telephone directory. But I've now got a phone number from another of your links, so I'll give it a try.


The Bigfella
06-04-2016, 09:30 PM
They may well be phone numbers.... if you stick the Canberra prefix on them. 62

Wooden Boat Fittings
06-05-2016, 03:17 AM
Well if they are, Warren's has changed.

But I had a good long chat to him today. He lurks here once in a while, but says he's really moved on a bit. He'll be going away for a bit shortly, but he and I intend having our own private EBS after the elections.


06-05-2016, 04:01 AM
and hello from me too Warren Y>


Paul Pless
06-05-2016, 04:07 AM
Wow, look what the cat dragged in. Nice to see your green light on Warren.

06-05-2016, 06:10 AM
Kudos to Donn (I'll add "begrudging" so he can maintain his grumpy persona) for the research.

Wooden Boat Fittings
06-05-2016, 09:54 AM
Yes indeed, kudos to Donn for his research.


Wild Wassa
06-06-2016, 01:36 AM
Donn, thank you. This thread proves the old saying ... you can run but you cant hide.

I hope that every one is doing well and launching often. I have called by recently. Mostly to remind myself how much I enjoy not scraping off antifoul nowadays and to keep remembering those funny old boat word.

Please enjoy a few seaside shots from the Eurabodalla Coast in New South Wales.

Dawn, sea mist and smoke. Glasshouse Rocks.


The Southerly Buster. Yabbara Beach.


Fast flying Australian Pelicans. Pelicanus conspicillatus. Wagonga Inlet.


... and a few shots from the coastal cliffs around Sydney.

Passing storm, the Royal Sea Cliffs.


Dawn bathers and a water spout.


Shark Point.



Duncan Gibbs
06-06-2016, 01:53 AM
Beautiful Warren!

Just a few questions...

Are you still shooting in RAW format? What gear are you using? And do you set up many shots, or are you more opportunistic?

I've been having a bit of fun with the iphone 6s. I'll try an upload a few of my experiments when I get a chance.

06-06-2016, 01:57 AM
G'day Warren.

Duncan Gibbs
06-06-2016, 03:24 AM
http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll2/KA93Looe/IMG_1563_zpsgbyuo4ea.jpg (http://s284.photobucket.com/user/KA93Looe/media/IMG_1563_zpsgbyuo4ea.jpg.html)

http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll2/KA93Looe/IMG_1573_zpswy59st0g.jpg (http://s284.photobucket.com/user/KA93Looe/media/IMG_1573_zpswy59st0g.jpg.html)

http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll2/KA93Looe/IMG_1579_zpsqo2tlwrw.jpg (http://s284.photobucket.com/user/KA93Looe/media/IMG_1579_zpsqo2tlwrw.jpg.html)

I've been really quite inspired by Murray Frederick's work.

Duncan Gibbs
06-06-2016, 03:56 AM
A snip of another stream I'm working on which is a bit more conceptual:

http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll2/KA93Looe/IMG_1562_Cropped_zpsqgfvpl1t.jpg (http://s284.photobucket.com/user/KA93Looe/media/IMG_1562_Cropped_zpsqgfvpl1t.jpg.html)

Wild Wassa
06-06-2016, 04:50 AM
Micky G'day Mate. The last time we chatted, I think that you were injured and weren't sailing the Finn. You had moved on to racing a large boat until you'd fully recovered. I really enjoyed your Finn reports, I looked forward to them. Cheers to you and the Finn.

Jack, thank you. I would have replied you last evening, but storms last night caused power black-outs, so thank you for waiting. My best wishes to you.

Spin_drift, I hope that your photography is powering on and that you are well.

Donn, Hello, you should have been a paid detective. if you don't mind me saying? I used to be a member of the Canberra Photographic Society, just before I started studying photography at the Canberra Institute of Technology. I've returned to being a student. I'm studying art ... painting. My casual lifestyle is on a tight hold for the next few years. I thought that I knew what painting was about when I was painting working surfaces on boats ... now with more applied colour theory than before, painting has become a more dangerous game.

Paul, "Look what the cat dragged in?"... Aha, it's a Classic Grey Tubby, I mean Tabby. G'day Mate.

Gareth, it is good to hear from you. It has been a good time to check back in, with many of the blokes that I used to talk to, here. My very best wishes to you too.


Wild Wassa
06-06-2016, 09:51 PM
Jeff, G'day to you. Did the trip to Lake Bogga eventuate?

Peter, I see you're keeping the good fight going. The good fight against evil is addictive. I'm heading to Hillston in a few days time door knocking, to draw attention to the NSW Govt trying to sell the coal reserves of the Oaklands Basin in the Riverena, to Chinese investors. The coal reserves in the Oaklands Basin cover an area approx 3x the size of the ACT.

Are you still shooting in RAW format? What gear are you using? And do you set up many shots, or are you more opportunistic?

Duncan, G'day and thank you for your rewarding comments. I'm still shooting RAW.

I have basic Canon DSLR lenses for a Canon 40D. An EFS 17-85mm which only fits the 40D, 50mm f1:1.8, and an el-cheapo Tamron 55-200mm zoom, which is a top lens at $120. I've also a new Canon 5D, with two Canon zoom lenses. A 17-40mmL and a 100-400mmL. I've also a couple of outdoor tripods.

I don't set up the shots strictly speaking, but I do think about the potential for shots for months. Waiting until the time appears to be right, with the atmospherics, and the light is a lottery. My images are grab shots mostly, taken near home or taken while riding my bike on longer rides off-road.

Murray Frederick's work is beautiful. I would find it hard to believe that any landscape photographer or painter wouldn't be inspired by his dedication, particularly with the time spent making 'SALT'. I've watched SALT a couple of times and it keeps getting better. Your images have Fredericks' space and distance sorted.

Here is my attempted Fredericks style.

Tabletop Mountain, Riverena, NSW.


Eye Level Cloud. Brindabella Ranges, ACT.


Rolling Canyons ... Tidbinbilla Range, ACT.



Robbie 2
06-06-2016, 10:39 PM
Good to see you posting Warren

Duncan Gibbs
06-06-2016, 11:36 PM
Eye Level Cloud. Brindabella Ranges, ACT.


This is stunning! I mean, really stunning!

06-07-2016, 02:20 AM
Yes, the Lake Boga, and sundry other small Mallee lakes and the odd river did eventuate, but so long ago!
Had I retired then? Living on Westernport Bay near Phillip Island now and I'm sailing a Sabre Dinghy at Inverloch in the local club races.
And it is a stunning pic.

06-07-2016, 02:39 AM
You have the eye Warren!

I spent an hour this morning trying unsuccessfully to get a decent photo of a rufous fantail. It wouldn't cooperate!