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Dan Wilder
07-26-2001, 11:13 AM
A while back I posted a question about how to keep my jib from fouling when I went about. Although I received many creative suggestions, none solved the problem satisfactorily, and I think I've resigned myself to defeat. However, one solution produced an baffling side effect.
It was suggested that I try getting the jib away from the mast using a bowsprit. I tried it, and it did solve the fouling problem. Unfortunately, it rendered the boat completely unable to go about to windward. (I discovered this after reaching halfway across NH's Lake Winnepesaukee, and I was forced to make a heart-pounding and utterly graceless jibing manoever.)
So what did I do? Did moving the jib forward throw off the sail plan's balance? Did I anger the aesthetics god by putting a bowsprit on a fourteen foot boat? Just curious...

Ian McColgin
07-26-2001, 01:01 PM
Yep, you pulled the center of sail too far forward.

It might help to know what you're fouling on - a mast fitting, deck hardware, errant crew members . . . If you're fouling on a cleat on the mast, move it out of the way.

I probably recommended a timonoguy: Genericly it's any line streatched tightly across some space to keep other lines from fouling. This works well if you're fouling on something on deck. I have a friend whose forehatch is cleverly designed to capture the lazy sheet and then shen she tacks . . . Run the timonoguy from the mast near the gooseneck and bring it down, under the jib sheets to the bow cleat or even the jib's tack.

If, as seems unlikly from your question but I can't resist, it fouls on an inner forestay, you could do what we did in the days before roller furling. Find the hank a line from which to the clew is nearest to normal. Run some light line from the nearest jib hank, through the clew cringle, back to the hank, down to the tack, and aft to wherever you want. When the leeward sheet is loosed for tacking, haul away on this line, brailing the jib up enough to pass easily.

Tres old timey.


John B
07-26-2001, 03:41 PM
Another way is to make a canvas jacket/collar/cover for whatever is fouling the sheet. Velcro back onto itself or some other quick release method.

Dan Wilder
07-26-2001, 03:59 PM
Thanks, all. (Both?) I think I'm just going to get myself a lackey to sit within arm's length of the thing and unfoul it for me. That'll give me a scapegoat when my skipper-ing gets lousy.