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Ian McColgin
09-27-2015, 11:52 PM
This story appears to be roiling things on the other side. A surprisingly fair version, especially with the possibility that this is all a political dirty trick. Since this Forum is too delicate for the story, go to any other the many stories, such as http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/21/david-cameron-accused-of-sex-act-with-a-dead-pig.html

09-28-2015, 12:20 AM
John Oliver had a hilarious field day with this topic on his HBO show tonight.

09-28-2015, 05:07 AM
"...but you phucque with one pig..."

09-28-2015, 05:11 AM
This is the important event in the news.


PMs and Pigs arent mentioned.

Peerie Maa
09-28-2015, 05:16 AM
It is known that Cameron belonged to the Bullington Club (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bullingdon_Club) a sort of fraternity or sorority for the stinking rich.

I don't know whether this story is true or not, but is probably on a par with fraternity activities the world over.

Ian McColgin
09-28-2015, 06:34 AM
The story in my OP link attributed to Hunter Thompson is old LBJ lore. I overheard it at one of my uncle's (an Oklahoma state senator) political picnics. I was about ten and needed an older cousin to explain it all in disgusting detail. LBJ was then a powerful senator, not VP. I recall a level of admiration in Uncle Sterling's recounting. In reality, it's a story LBJ spread about himself and never actually happened. Various retellings name different opponents and different races, mostly from the early thirties.

Jim Mahan
09-28-2015, 07:38 AM
"Where'd you get the pig?"

"It's not a pig. It's a dog."

"I know it's a dog. I was talking to the dog."

Jim Mahan
09-28-2015, 07:10 PM
Bump, for the pig joke.

Jim Mahan
09-28-2015, 07:29 PM
Scandalously off-topic pig joke bump. How many times I heard that!

Old farmer walks into a bar. Guys are all swapping stories about how smart their dogs are. After a while the farmer speaks up and says,

[stop me if you've heard this before]

he says, "I got a pig what can sing."

A moment of silence and then the group breaks out in guffaws, and the old farmer leaves the bar. But he comes back in an hour, and he's got a pig with him. The pig is walking on his hind legs and one of them is a peg-leg.

The farmer says, "Okay Pig, sing."

And the pig takes a deep breath and belts out the Star Spangled Banner, and he not only knows all the words, he sings three verses, and he's on key. The bar is dumb-founded. You could hear a pin drop.

Then one ol' boy asks, "Say, why's that pig got a wooden leg?"

And the farmer says, "Well shoot, pig like that, you don' wanna eat him all at once."

09-28-2015, 07:58 PM
The story is, however, similar to a classic dirty tricks campaign legend described by Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72. (https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=lIiGGYr1b7IC&pg=PA227&dq=%22fear+and+loathing+on+the+campaign+trail%22+p ig-fucker&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CCAQ6AEwAGoVChMI6KuwlviHyAIVxmjbCh0R6Anx#v=on epage&q=%22fear%20and%20loathing%20on%20the%20campaign%2 0trail%22%20pig-fucker&f=false)This is one of the oldest and most effective tricks in politics. Every hack in the business has used it in times of trouble, and it has even been elevated to the level of political mythology in a story about one of Lyndon Johnson’s early campaigns in Texas. The race was close and Johnson was getting worried. Finally he told his campaign manager to start a massive rumor campaign about his opponent’s life-long habit of enjoying carnal knowledge of his own barnyard sows.

“Christ, we can’t get a way calling him a pig-f*cker,” the campaign manager protested. “Nobody’s going to believe a thing like that.”

“I know,” Johnson replied. “But let’s make the sonofabitch deny it.”
The prime minister’s spokeswoman seemed keen to avoid exactly that Monday, claiming that she “won't dignify with a response” any of the allegations contained within the book.. . .

09-29-2015, 01:23 AM
^ I am thinking right about now how Hunter Thompson would have adored covering the 2016 election. Grist for the mill, and all that.