View Full Version : Coclusion on the last SENATE COM. Meeting on Benghazi!

S.V. Airlie
09-04-2015, 04:34 PM
About what I figured, Goudy as chairman, doesn't stick to the subject, (NOT CLINTON'S EMAILS) and more than likely won't say anything about the conclusions. I ask, other than the usual denial, SECURITY REASONS!, why doesn't he apparently want to publish them? He says often, the public should know!
Cummings called for Gowdy and committee Republicans to release a transcript of Mills' testimony as soon as possible, so the public can learn what questions were asked and how they were answered.
The request to release the transcript was unlikely to be granted, Gowdy said, noting that much of what was discussed related to national security

PS, I think the worst "security" existing today is CONGRESS!'