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05-02-2015, 07:01 AM
I am a novice boatbuilder and I would like to find a book or a video that demonstrates how to design and install a nice looking strip decking on a wooden boat. Any suggestions?

Jay Greer
05-02-2015, 09:53 AM
What size and kind of boat and what kind of construction are you dealing with?

Junkyard Dog
05-02-2015, 10:27 AM
What kind of deck? Veneer? Solid wood? Ship lay - as in straight and parallel with the ends nibbed into the margins? Yacht lay - with the planks matching the curve of the gunnels and nibbed into a king plank at the center?

You've got a lot of choices.

John Meachen
05-02-2015, 02:30 PM
I have always been a bit less than enthusiastic about the teak decks that have a neat geometric pattern of butts.Surely a random pattern has less well defined locations of weakness as well as making better use of the stock available.

Junkyard Dog
05-02-2015, 02:49 PM
With a veneer deck, I don't think it really matters. So go for aesthetics if you must. But for a caulked deck, I believe the standard was four planks between butts - more if the lengths allowed it.

Jay Greer
05-02-2015, 04:44 PM
You are correct on the four planks before repeating a butt. I have seen three but it ain't right when you look at it. I do like a end taper of 1/3 the width ot the stave also as it just looks better because it is, mechanically, better. No, I don't like spindle shaped butts in the king plank either!
Everyone knows or should know that a rounded plank butt is a bitch to caulk! Even, when done in veneer, it looks weird!

05-04-2015, 06:27 AM
Its a Handi Billy 21 feet frame construction