View Full Version : Malfunction of Congress displayed by Homeland funding bill.

John Smith
02-27-2015, 08:35 AM
It's fairly normal, as I understand it, for bills passing through the house and senate to have things attached to them that are not germane to the bill itself. Often these are attached to kill the bill, or get something passed that can't pass on its own.

This is, IMO, a destructive way of governing. The house has had no trouble passing clean bills repealing Obamacare. They are certainly capable of passing a clean bill to fund Homeland Security AND a clean bill addressing Executive action in regards to immigration.

They seemed to have no trouble passing the Keystone bill, and I don't recall any non-related items attached to that.

I'm going to contact my house member and my senators and ask they change their own rules so only germane amendments can come forward. This would eliminate much of the "fog" of the legislative sausage making. It would put our elected reps more clearly on record.