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Capt Zatarra
09-03-2014, 11:29 PM
Spray on solar cells! Just imagine some day in the near future you spray paint the cabin top and it becomes your solar panel for charging your batteries. Imagine that you put a sheet of melamine on the dingy davits and paint it with solar paint and walaa you have electricity.
Eight years ago two Canadian scientist working at MIT announced that they had developed a solar cell thread that could be woven in to cloth. Not only did this new cloth generate electricity from light waves, but also from heat. They unveiled a shirt that had these fibers woven in the fabric and an electrical lead that they plugged in to a cell phone that had no battery. The cell phone worked, both from sunlight, and from body heat when the model put on a jacket over the shirt. The scientist announced that they expected to have the first product to market in a year. So here we are eight years later and we are still waiting for solar sails and solar bamini tops and solar curtains and solar bright work covers. And now the scienctific community tell that they have created a cheap solar paint that when sprayed on any surface it will become a solar panel.

Now to my point. Or actually my question. When do we get to have this technology?

Capt. Zatarra

09-04-2014, 12:59 AM
The question to ask is who now owns the patents. But these are just another nail in the fossil fuel industry's coffin as far as power generation is concerned. Governments may even be a bit cautious about such new technology because of the effect it will have on employment. It might even crash an economy. OTOH it may be that in a practical trial they didn't work as well as was hoped.