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08-27-2014, 08:53 AM
We're novice sailors and I'm embarrassed to say our rope rigging of the vang and the main sheet is hopelessly wrong.
We aren't sure how to feed the rope into the blocks and then tie it off -- clockwise around this one, counter-clockwise on that, figure-of-eight knot, bow-line knot? Totally lost.
Please see the photo of our setup below, and help us figure how to run the rigging correctly. Much appreciated.

http://images2.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv5877%3Dot%3E 35%3B7%3D626%3D425%3DXROQDF%3E2866%3A6%3B489259ot1 lsi

Component A - pulley A1 and A2, mounted to floor of cockpit (note cam)

http://images2.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv6326%3Dot%3E 35%3B7%3D626%3D425%3DXROQDF%3E2866%3A7%3B%3B%3A625 9ot1lsi

Component B - pulleys B1 and B2. (Hung near aft of boom)

http://images2.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv954%3Enu%3D4 4%3C6%3E535%3E334%3EWSNRCG%3D3775%3B7%3C%3B8834%3A nu0mrj

Component C1/C2. Attached to hanger on mast. Has V-notch to jam vang line into.

http://images2.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv44%3A%3A%3Do t%3E35%3B7%3D626%3D425%3DXROQDF%3E2866%3A96558259o t1lsi

Component C3. Hung from boom.

http://images2.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv392%3Enu%3D4 4%3C6%3E535%3E334%3EWSNRCG%3D3775%3B6%3B7%3B634%3A nu0mrj

wizbang 13
08-27-2014, 09:51 AM
This is not in the plans?
Evergreenblue is working out this same thing on his Lightning right now ,

08-27-2014, 10:01 AM
Hi, Block C-3 on boom needs to be a single becket block....tie off on becket, go counter clockwise thru top sheave of lower fitting, back up thru, aft to forward, of becket block, then fore to aft thru lower sheave on lower block at V cleat... Mainsheet fitting needs a becket added, or a dead end deck strap to tie off end. Tie off at becket/ deck strap, and lead up to lower sheave on top fitting down to lower fitting top sheave(front to back) back up to top fitting back to front, and then thru last sheave and to cleat....

Don Z.
08-27-2014, 10:15 AM
At least two of those blocks (probably C3 and A1/A2) should have some sort of becket (i.e. some way to fix one end of the line). If there is no becket, I can figure out a way to use one of the sheaves as a becket, but you will lose power. How big is the boat? If not a becket, are all the sheaves the same size, or is one markedly smaller than the other?

08-27-2014, 11:08 AM
For greater clarity, I've included actual photos of the components I used on the boat in post #1. http://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread.php?181566-Please-help-me-rig-the-vang-and-the-blocks-for-the-main-sheet&p=4270836#post4270836

Sailor's Brother
08-27-2014, 11:33 AM
http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj487/SailorsBrother1/232323232fp83232_uqcshlukaxroqdfv5877ot_357626425X ROQDF_2866_6489259ot1lsi_zps843c7320.jpg (http://s1264.photobucket.com/user/SailorsBrother1/media/232323232fp83232_uqcshlukaxroqdfv5877ot_357626425X ROQDF_2866_6489259ot1lsi_zps843c7320.jpg.html)

Does this clarify? make sure you go outer then inner (or big then little) when there are 2 blocks... don't forget the figure 8 knots (that I've drawn) but you'll need more working lenght...

wizbang 13
08-27-2014, 12:17 PM
I think one might want the 4 part on the vang and the 3 part on the sheet.
only a 15 foot boat

08-27-2014, 03:02 PM
I too am a novice at rigging. Most of my early sailing (many moons ago) was on a non-performance cruising yawl where fine tuning the sails made little difference. Nowadays I sail a Wayfarer that is quite a bit more responsive, so I've studied up a bit on the subject. Here are a few links to what I think are helpful articles. These pertain specifically to a Wayfarer but the rig is very similar to the Lightning.




Hopefully these will be helpful.

Edit to add: Sorry, I confused this thread with the one started by evergreenblue and his Lightning. But the links still offer some help, I think.

08-27-2014, 06:16 PM
Nice work sailors brother!

Don Z.
08-27-2014, 06:49 PM
Yep, Sailor's Brother beat me to it.

I can only add:

For the C blocks: C3 attaches to the mast. Bowline to the small becket (bottom part of your photo) down to C2, counter clockwise, up to C3, counter clockwise around C1, through the V Cam notch, and out. Figure 8 on the end.

For the B Blocks, similar. Bowline (if not a splice) to the becket (that little pin on the top of component A). Up to B2, counter clockwise around. Down to A2, again against the sun. Back up to B1, down to A1, and through the cam cleat, Figure 8 on the bitter end. I'd say "Then Bob's your Uncle", but then Bob would have to put you in his will, and I want his drafting equipment, so I'm not going to risk it...

08-28-2014, 08:55 AM
I think one might want the 4 part on the vang and the 3 part on the sheet.
only a 15 foot boat

nah, you almost never need to tension the vang while it's under load on a boat of this size. You set the vang tension while the main is closehauled (or nearly so) just so that things don't go pearshaped when you ease the sheet. The only reason to even have a purchase on the vang is to make it possible to ease it under some load.

08-28-2014, 11:50 AM
http://www.harken.com/content.aspx?id=3901 Main Sheet Systems
http://www.harken.com/content.aspx?id=3897 Vang Systems