View Full Version : Kudos on the e-zine

08-18-2014, 05:14 PM
After being on hiatus for a couple of years, I just resubscribed. I also sprang for the complete back issue collection. The PDF files for the back issues are all nicely scanned and very readable. Or at least the ones I've read so far. :)

I'd especially like to commend them for allowing us to just download the current issus and not being forced to use the online reader. It may work ok on a desktop, but it's pretty dismal on a smartphone.
There are a couple of other magazines I've considered e-subs, but too many of them use that god-awful NXT reader and force it on you even when you can download the files. Surprisingly, the Nook app isn't half bad for e-magazines.

I broke my leg last month, so at least I have plenty of time to catch up on the back issues.