View Full Version : Looking for a Luders 16 ad - 1986 or 87

silver wings
08-10-2014, 07:27 AM
I'm restoring one of the 15 early planked built Luders 16 : Silver Wings (http://www.silver-wings.fr), Hull #13.
I was told that in 1987, John Packard from New York was selling his L16, who might be one of those 15.
Could someone help me to find out if an ad was published in 1986 or 87 in WB ?
Here is a picture of the old lady :


Many thanks for furter help.

08-10-2014, 08:18 AM
The ad dep't at WB may be able to help. They have for me in the past when searching for similar info: http://www.woodenboat.com/woodenboat-magazine-and-online-advertising

silver wings
08-10-2014, 08:26 AM
Many thanks rbgarr, I contact them and keep you updated.

silver wings
08-11-2014, 10:38 AM
I have received an answer from Laura Sherman :
"I am happy to report I think I may have found the ad you are speaking of: 1931 LUDERS 16. Cedar planking on oak. Totally restored. Includes 2 sails, 350-lb. mooring."