View Full Version : nordic pram rebuild

Mike Erkkinen
05-27-2014, 07:43 AM
I bought this "bullfrog" pram last summer, paid too much, and felt stupid. I had driven 3 hours to look at it and the fellow who sold it apparently rounded up boats and sold them - giving the money to hungry kids..... Anyway, I bought the boat, felt stupid, and found that it was in such bad shape it barely floated. It seems to be a kit made by an english company, plywood lapstrake, and someone had "built" it pretty badly. Planks weren't attached to each other, gunwales weren't stiff enough to support oarlocks, etc. Over the winter I spent a bunch of time re-gluing and filleting the planks, tearing out and rebuilding seats, made new daggerboard case, added gunnels and stiffeners amidships, new rudder and daggerboard, added and 2" deep skeg, cloth and epoxy on the bottom, coated with epoxy everywhere, gunnel guard, and paint. Good news is that now she seems to tow very easily and track straight, rows easily, sails OK, and the skeg gives it something to slide on docks, rocks, etc. so that the bottom doesn't get chewed up. She's a little heavy, but my H28 doesn't seem to be slowed down by towing her. She should fit on my cabin top, though I haven't tried yet.
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