View Full Version : #238 came today,

04-18-2014, 12:19 AM
2 weeks before the end of the month. #237 was too.
#234 never showed up but HO sent a copy from Maine or ?

Our don't come directly, they send a truckload to a distributor in Ontario I think then they are mailed out via Canada Post.

Are any other Canuckians getting better service or was it just me?

Lots of good stuff in this issue.

John Meachen
04-18-2014, 04:09 PM
Mine arrived last weekend-and it had further to travel.

Gib Etheridge
04-18-2014, 05:15 PM
I got tired of waiting or not receiving at all and resorted to getting my copy at the store. The store always had copies long before mine arrived anyway.

04-18-2014, 11:59 PM
A lot of stand-alone ads for finer classic yachts this issue, and this time of year (which isn't unusual). Sellers are eager and apparently banking on the economy turning up.

04-19-2014, 12:59 PM
It's just you.

Being on Vancouver Island, our copies have to be processed for a further week or so in the giant Canada Post sorting office in Richmond and then loaded on to barges towed by sail and oar lug yawls across the Salish Sea. I might see my copy sometime in May