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04-11-2014, 04:44 AM
From our national broadcaster, the rubbish state of the ocean.
Birds, turtles, fish and marine mammals are being found dead with guts full of plastic.

"You might think Australia's beaches are clean, pristine and rubbish free but a groundbreaking new study by the CSIRO has found that that's not the case.
Researchers have spent the past two years surveying the entire coastline and estimate that more than 100 million pieces of rubbish are on our shores killing thousands of birds."
Denise Hardesty is a CSIRO researcher.
"DENISE HARDESTY: So one of the key things that we find is that there is rubbish everywhere. No matter how remote you are, how close you are to an urban city, we leave our litter everywhere.
JAKE STURMER: The scientists say that rubbish is killing thousands of marine animals.
DENISE HARDESTY: I have found over 200 pieces of plastic in a single bird. I've found everything from a glow stick that is used by fishermen to three or four balloons and all sorts of pieces of plastic in birds."
Hopefully this is accessible to you. There is a downloadable audio link.



Plastic particles so small that they enter the biological chain mean that we eat them on a regular basis.
"According to a report (http://www.ewg.org/research/nearly-500-ways-make-yoga-mat-sandwich) released by that group on Thursday this week, consumers are just about as likely to find azodicarbonamide while at the grocery store as they would be inside a plastics factory. The Environmental Working Group, or EWG, has been constructing a database containing the ingredients of 80,000 foods sold across the US"