View Full Version : Recreation of Roy Rogers 1956 Yellow Jacket Boat trip planned for 2016

02-25-2014, 02:07 AM
Many will say that it is a long time before the trip takes place, however I have found out that there may not be enough time even being a tab over 2 years away.

I am open to any ideals and help. We are opening the Flotilla to any and all boats, However if I get what I want done I will have 6 Yellow Jacket Boats of my own in the Flotilla. Each and ever boat must have two person (more can be if wanted) and there will also be a chase person (dragging the trailer for the boat) per boat. The chase crew and boat crew can switch at any of the stops....so crews will be needed for I can only run one boat at a time.

If wanted I can post the dates and stops. The trip will take 8 days. Starting Saturday Morning and ending a week later on Sunday