View Full Version : Alcatraz Island, is it time to "retool"?

Dan Payne
02-05-2014, 09:33 PM
I'm posing this as a question, not a suggestion. I'm in So-Cal, and not a Bay Area resident. I've never been to "the rock" but it's on my list.

Would it better serve the Bay Area, California, and America to rehabilitate Alcatraz Island? Would it better serve the community to convert its use to other recreational use (Marina, watersports, sightseeing, ect.) and commercial (resturants, shopping, ect.) than just the historic aspect of the prison and Native American occupation years?

I know attendance figures show the wild popularity of the prison experience, and that aspect should probably never change. But, while staring at a picture in the doctors office today (45 minutes) it seems like an awful water of valuable real estate.

Maybe I'll understand after my tour this year, and meet "Vickie" (So, I married an Ax murderer)

02-06-2014, 10:18 AM
Been discussed for many decades. Huge cost to do everything by water, plus many other issues political as well as logistical. (remember the American Indian occupation?)

As for development, much of Treasure Island is available and a lot easier to access...