View Full Version : bridge over troubled waters

01-13-2014, 04:52 PM
what is that song about?

01-13-2014, 05:09 PM
Check this out: http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=247

The bit about the 3rd verse being an add-on makes sense, unlike the 3rd verse itself which I always feel jars with what has gone previously.

Still a great song though. I caught it and a few others when I happened on a channel showing an edited version the Central Park gig over the weekend. Art seemed to raise himself up extra-tall for Bridge Over Troubled Water.

M. J. Notigan
01-13-2014, 06:52 PM
As a kid with his ear glued to AM Top 40 radio in those days, each new hit was like a new discovery. The opening piano reminded me of Let It Be and nowadays, it's not lost on me that both songs had religious undertones to them. Both songs were written when the Beatles and S&G were pretty much on their last creative legs together. What a way to end though! Those opening chords are still haunting and I suppose they always will.