View Full Version : THINK. How much money is not in the economy today.

01-10-2014, 08:59 PM
Average $300.00 a week in unenjoyment. Multiply by 2 MILLION Citizens of the USA?
What would YOU do? How low your wages and hours, to get that job today? While you are losing your home?
While your parents let you and the kids move into the cellar? After you use up your credit cards?
While you eat Ramen noodles?
We Need To Take Our Country Back.
Industrial HEMP is the answer Get your VA education if you can, in Hemp.
THIS can be grown here,50,000 uses.NAME IT./ Plastic, Food, Paper-As in the Constitution!
The window is now open.It was and will help the USA.Lets just move away from petro and coal/
Do it, get organized.
Best advice from 3,000 years ago.