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Jim Bow
12-07-2013, 02:32 PM
Perhaps I am romanticizing an era, but Ian McColgin's artifact in the "Lest We Forget" thread, makes me wonder what could compare with the stories of many of the names on that canvas, including Ian's father.

Imagine being a youngster in the 1920s. An airplane flies over. Not only is it the first airplane you've ever seen, but it may well be the first that the entire town has ever seen. My father, born 1913, once told us that when an airplane would fly over his town in mid Indiana, people would leave the shops and offices to look up and watch.

Imagine that youngster becoming infatuated and being able to join a world changing technology in its infancy, and growing with it into senior adulthood. It was a true physical and intellectual adventure. Starting in linen covered wood, and ending a career in an ocean hopping behemoth. Of course, the Depression ended many an education or career, and WWII brought so many promising lives to early conclusion.

What, today, could possibly compare with that era?

12-07-2013, 02:57 PM
I remember seeing a modem in 1984 (?), it was a big telephone handset and was linked to an intranet. I was pretty impressed at the time.