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martin schulz
01-23-2001, 12:13 PM
(I posted this on the Design-Forum also)
Being an owner of a small Gaff-Cutter (Typ: Waterbug) I am looking for other yachts of that type still sailing. My Yacht was constructed and built by Stuart Uphams from Uphams upon Brixham 1950 after an adopted Harrison Butler Design. Anybody who owns a Yacht of that Type, or knows somebody who does, or did, please post.
I am naturally also interested in anything else about "Uphams upon Brixham" or "Harrison Butler" (Plans, Fotos ...). Does anyone know somebody owning an Engelyn-design Yacht?

John R Smith
01-24-2001, 05:34 AM

Brixham is in Devon, and was the home of course for the famous Brixham trawlers. From memory, I believe that Uphams yard built the replica "Mayflower II" back in 1957, but sadly has long been closed and re-developed. Also from memory, T Harrison-Butler was a well known and highly regarded designer of yachts in the first half of the 20th century. He developed the metacentric theory of hull design, his aim being to produce a craft which was perfectly balanced. Perhaps his best-known design is the Z-4 tonner, which was produced in quantity in the 1930s. Many of them are still sailing and are still highly regarded. Someone like ACB will doubtless fill in more details and point out my errors!


01-24-2001, 06:08 AM
I sent Martin the link to this information in e-mail but then thought I could paste it here too. This came from the web site: http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/tradboat/ . Butler's book CRUISING YACHTS contains drawing of a number of his designs.

Harrison Butler Association
President: Mrs Joan Jardine-Brown
2 The Chestnuts, 60 High Street
Theale, Reading, Berks Tel: 01189 302 945

The HBA was formed in December 1973 as a result of the effort of Ron Goodhand but with several strands coalescing. Full members are owners, joint owners and past owners of HB designed boats. Associate Members need only have an interest in THB and various facets of his life. Briefly our aims are to locate and keep track of HB boats world-wide; to keep in touch with owners; to exchange and provide information about THB, his work, yacht designs and boats built form them.
Two newsletters are provided each year which link the members who are in many countries. They contain THB's designs, articles and letters culled from various sources. There are contributions from members and the President's Letter giving latest news, matters concerning the HBA and miscellaneous items of interest. The newsletters also contain notices of boats for sale, messages from the Treasurer, Editor and others.

Two meetings are held each year, the AGM at the President's home (usually in late February or early March) preceded by a pub lunch, and the Laying-Up supper in mid to late September or October, held at a near-water venue.
There is no committee, the AGM deals with matters of moment, guests are welcome and may make (useful) suggestions.

Click here for more about HBs life, his designs, and useful sources of books and plans.
Note: two boats are currently being built in the UK

03-02-2001, 07:32 AM
There is nothing that I can add to that except to urge anyone who owns an HB boat, or indeed who thinks that they might do so, to join the Association.

If you own a non-HB boat, like me, or indeed no boat at all, you can join, like me, as an Associate Member. Well worth it, if only for the pleasure of knowing Joan Jardine-Brown, who is charming, but the Newsletter is also excellent. You also need a copy of "Cruising Yachts - Design and Performance" by HB, of course. Recently republished by an HB Association member.