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jan huerkamp
05-10-2001, 03:05 PM
Hi there,
this is gonna take a minute :

I am studying Naval Architecture in Kiel , Germany with a special interest in tallships and traditional sailing boats . To finish my studys I have to do a final projekt , which in my case has something to do with the design of the Rigg of the Replica of the Five mast aux. France II .

Although the design of the rigg will be according to modern rules and regulations , it is required , that the looks of the proportions and the details are as close to the original as possible .

So I looked up the history of the France II in several books ( some of the books of Louis Lacroix , Alan Villiers , Jean Randier and Harold A. Underhill ) and I have got the plans that are made by Underhill , which are available at Brown Son and Ferguson of Glasgow . This gave me plenty of general information and some photographs ( of rather poor quality ) .

After these studys I know about what I am looking for :

Photos or drawings of rigging details ( fittings , deck equipment , details of the yards and crosstrees . . . ) of the France II ( or other french ships that were similar , like the 4 masted barques "Quevilly" and "Dunkerque" or the 3 masted barques of the "Croisset"-Type ( "Hautot" "Dieppedalle" "Biessard" "Nantes" ( which sails had the same dimensions like those of the France II )

Photos or drawings of winches ( for braces and halyards ) and Capstans of the France II or the ships mentioned above , or typical french

Information or contact to the manufacturers of the France II : MM Chantier de la Gironde

Information or contact to the manufacturers of the special 10-drum brace winches of the France II : MM Lesauvage et Patras of Le Havre ( who had the licence for building the Jarvis brace winches in Fance )

Information or contact to anyone that has photos or memoirs or whatever to figure out , what the ship looked like above .

Can anyone give hints on this ? Or maybe forward this letter to someone who might know something or somebody . . .

Thank you . Kind Regards JAN HUERKAMP

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