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11-14-2000, 10:19 AM
On Nov 9, Roy Hedenberg, a modern Viking boatbuilder, died at age 94. Roy married my widowed Mom and came into my life about 30 years ago.
As I spent time with him I learned names like Chappelle, Atkin, Herreschoff, names which became like icons to me.

Roy built boats all his life and passed a tiny bit of his vast knowledge to me as we build a Bolger Light Dory and a Rabl Titmouse
I know he built at least the following boats:
26' Sailboat (Type unknown)
Barneget Bay Sneakbox
Bolger Light Dory
Culler's Good Little Skiff (3 times)
Culler's 18' Saling Skiff
36'Chesapeake Bay Skipjack (Chappelle)
12'Nesting Skiff (Atkin)
18'Canoe Yawl (Chappelle)
15'Rabl Titmouse
This gentle man was a father figure to me and the only grandfather my children ever knew. The woodenboat community has lost a great proponent and I have lost a friend.
Montgomery, Al November 13,2000

Alan D. Hyde
11-14-2000, 10:41 AM
Though Mr. Hedenberg is gone, he leaves his work, and his example, with us as a reminder of him, and an inspiration to us.

This is more than most are able to do.

I am sorry to hear that we have lost such a good man; our thoughts are with you, wg.


12-10-2000, 10:46 PM
sorry it took me so long to respond...I move like syrup on a cold day. my thought and prayers are with you.