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10-30-2013, 01:34 PM
Addressing an international row over NSA spying on US European allies over the past week, General Keith Alexander, the director of the NSA, forcefully argued that reports of the agency collecting millions of phone calls were “absolutely false”. The director of the National Security Agency forcefully and emotionally rejected calls to curtail his agency’s power on Tuesday.

So the NSA actually only intercepted a few hundred thousand phone calls, so that's alright then.


A British man has been charged in the US with hacking into thousands of computer systems, including those of the US army and Nasa, in an alleged attempt to steal confidential data. Lauri Love, 28, is accused of causing millions of pounds of damage to the US government with a year-long hacking campaign waged from his home in Stradishall, a village in Suffolk. Love is charged with one count of hacking into a US department or agency computer and one count of conspiring to do the same. He faces up to 10 years in a US prison if he is found guilty, according to prosecutors, who said that he would also be liable to pay a fine of $250,000 (£154,000) or twice the gross loss from each of the two alleged offences.

Reminds me of the old British sitcom about the Home Guard during WWII (Dad's Army), referring to the Germans getting upset about British military successes, they used to say "They don't like it up 'em! Or according to the ethic of reciprocity "Do not do to others that which we do not want them to do to us"