View Full Version : Heath plan changes ... bye, Silver Sneakers?

10-01-2013, 11:37 AM
My current health plan is changing from Silver Sneakers to Silver & Fit.

Silver Sneakers was "free" (it was built into the plan's pricing.) Using my Silver Sneakers card, I could take classes and use the facilities at the ECC, the Burnsville Y, the Minneapolis Y, ... any day, class, open pool time, ... and I did. Sometimes with Spice I was exercising at three different places in a day. I confess, usually not at all the next day.

Silver & Fit is ... different. I pay $25 a month to the ECC. Can't use the Y. Can't use VMCC. After a month, I can change to a different club. A "reasonable" number of changes is allowed.

Prior to Silver Sneakers, I paid $17.50/ month to the ECC, half-price because of a discount offered by the health care plan's discount.

I suspect that this is some bit of corporate mickey mouse, trying to turn this corner of health care into a profit center. (My carrier is not the only one making this change, and I don't know what changes are happening in the Silver Sneaker program; I've heard people mumbling about those, and don't know if this is their complain.)

10-01-2013, 12:04 PM
Lest someone be confused, it's the change in plan, not the change in price, that bothers me. If they'd started charging $25 for Silver Sneakers I wouldn't have complained.