View Full Version : 10 oz FG cloth

09-10-2013, 01:01 PM
I've never worked with this stuff -- only 6 oz. I was thinking of using 10 oz FG cloth for the floor in the cockpit of our Argie 15 sloop - a high wear area. What will working with this heavier fabric be like? Perhaps Dynel is a better bet.

09-10-2013, 01:09 PM
Not much difference, if you have it, use it otherwise buy the Dynel. The 10 oz will take a bit more epoxy depending on how you want to finish it.

09-10-2013, 01:15 PM
Since Dynel is so abrasion resistant, what is the best way to feather it? I imagine cutting the fibers to feather (a razor?) them will be easier than trying to grind it for ages with a ROS.

Todd Bradshaw
09-10-2013, 03:02 PM
Unless you wear awfully strange shoes when you sail, both 10 oz. and Dynel are overkill. You could certainly do the job with six ounce and about all you should ever expect with any of them is to slowly wear down the paint on top of them in a few spots and have to touch it up occasionally. You aren't going to wear through (or even down into) resin-saturated anything with dinghy foot traffic.

09-10-2013, 03:51 PM
Thanks gentlemen. My family and friends don't wear stiletto heels, spiked track shoes, Dutch clogs, or ice skates while boating, so it looks like I can just use up some 6 oz. cloth I have. Fantastic!

As an aside: The worst damage I did to our white, plastic 10-foot sailing dinghy when we transported my wife's bicycle in the boat to a photo shoot. The location ended up being in a state park and we drove on a bumpy dirt road for some of the way. We didn't realize that every time we hit a bump, the teeth of the gears and other protrusions were digging into the boat. The middle bench seat and the hull between the middle and aft seats looked like a colony of rabid beavers had gone on the rampage, gouging everything with their pronounced chisel-like teeth. It was almost impossible to repair the damage to the plastic -- a plastic welding kit helped to some extent, but a wooden boat would have been a lot easier to fix.