View Full Version : Looking for some advice on replacing the rudder on a jollyboat

09-03-2013, 10:46 AM
I need to replace the rudder on my 16' ships jolly boat, as the original has developed a a split in one of its two planks.

I have scoured thru posts on the forums and taken a peak at some old magazine articles on the subject of rudder construction, but I still have some questions.

The existing rudder is joined using drift pins, which I intend on copying.

I have quarter sewn white oak boards for the new rudder.

My questions are thus:

1) Would 3/8' drift pins be sufficient - going thru 1" stock.
2) Should I use a threaded rod w/ washer and bolt, or just peen over the ends
3) How undersized should the pin holes be drilled.
4) Should the pins be coated with anything when seating them.

Attached is a picture of the existing rudder, along with a sketch showing dimensions

The red dashed lines show the planned placement of the pins, and the gray dashed line the joint.


Thanks in advance,

Lloyd Robbins

wizbang 13
09-03-2013, 10:58 AM
You want to replace the whole rudder because a plank developed a split?
Then you want to re build it the same way?
Did the split happen from hard use or from drying out?
If it split from use , build it differently... stronger .
If is split on it's own , then wet it.
Anyway , when I build a rudder , large or small , I make the front much stronger than the back . If some trauma happens , bad grounding, being towed in reverse , things like that , then the blade will break away and leave behind a strong small part .
That looks like a herky rudder for a 16 ' boat!

Peerie Maa
09-03-2013, 11:41 AM
I also do not think that you need to rebuild that rudder.
At the most clean out the split and glue in a softwood spline.