View Full Version : Why don't kids ever learn?

08-06-2013, 10:29 PM
Johnny Manziel might be headed for trouble. "Johnny Football", Heisman winner, has been accused of taking $7500 for autographs. Why is this against the rules? A coach can do it. They get big shoe contracts and other perks, too.

He wanted some rims for his car......



David G
08-06-2013, 11:59 PM
The whole "amateur athlete" thing gets a little whacky the way the NCAA has it structured.

Johnny Manziel is a heck of a talent... but a bit of a wild card. He was signed at Oregon, and they were glad to get him. But they had some mild concerns about his maturity/character. My contact in the department says that once Marcus Mariota signed, Oregon told Manziel that they'd still like him to stay, but that they expected it to be an open competition between the two of them to determine who would be 'the man'. Manziel chose to decommit and head down to College Station, where he had an impressive first year. And now this... It's too bad, really. We really expect a lot of these very young men - who are, after all, jocks... not generally Rhodes Scholars (well, except maybe at Stanford).

If it's in the back of Manziel's mind that it doesn't matter what happens to his college eligibility, because he'll just go ahead and jump to the NFL - I think he'll be disappointed. I understand that NFL scouts knock him way down because he's not that accurate, doesn't have a strong arm, has small hands, and is undisciplined about his checkdowns. There have been some big successes who had some of the same things said of them (Doug Flutie comes to mind), but it'll affect how high Manziel goes - and his chances of ever getting a sniff at a starting qb job.

08-07-2013, 04:25 AM
The NFL doesn't take kindly to headcase QB's. Witness Marcus Vick. All the talent in the world, even a pedigree, but a true knucklehead. Got kicked off the team at VT by a coach that really, really wanted him to make it. His ONLY shot in the NFL was at wide receiver for the Dolphins, whose coach Nick Saban was a friend of Frank Beamer's.

I fear Johnny Football is going to knucklehead himself into selling used cars.