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07-27-2013, 02:59 AM
I learned how to sharpen on wet stones. It took me years to get good at it. I had a lot more time then, than now. I just will not sit down and sharpen a knife and I am not a fan of stainless blades. Wipe the edge on, wipe it off, repeat.

I saw something similar to this at a knife show once researched it further on the net a few days ago and came up with my own with what I had at hand in my junk pile at work.

It works extremely well. And yes, you can form a convex bevel if you so desire. I dunno. Seemed like a useful way to waste some time. Some strips of wet/dry sandpaper, some oil, and that's it.

This spacer is for 20 degrees. I intend to make some others for the popular grinds and some nylon shims for fine tuning. The shorter piece is a wear sleeve so the turning bits don't contact the weld on the upright. A little lemon pledge on the moving parts and it's smooth as silk.

I intend to add a drawer for the parts and the bottle of oil in the still open end of the base. Added some knurled allen bolts for blade stops. That way, the blades can be placed the same way for each side.

Only went up as far as 600 grit and it's hard to see in the photo but this edge is sweet, and razor sharp all the way to the tip on both sides.

The Bigfella
07-27-2013, 03:51 AM
Good one Pipes

I've got the commercial variety of this... bought decades ago. I wonder if I can find it?

Phillip Allen
07-27-2013, 04:03 AM
I've tried those things but I worked so hard on learning the old fashioned way that I think I'll keep it

07-27-2013, 01:20 PM
I've tried those things but I worked so hard on learning the old fashioned way that I think I'll keep it

I tried the ones with the little wires that you clamp to the stones that has a little clamp to hold the knife and it worked pretty good for what it was. I don't mind sharpening my carbon steel pocket knives the old fashioned way but this Chinese crap stainless is another story.

I have fillet knives for fish and every time I come in with a mess I was having to regrind those and I just don't feel like it after a day on the salt and all the other related boat cleanup chores. Now my fillet knives are ready to go in a few minutes time. As it turns out, every knife in the house is sharp now and figure I can fashion a bit to do the serrated ones as well.

I may even affix a leather strop to another piece of tee and go all out for a polished edge.

I fancy myself pretty good with a stone, I just don't enjoy it anymore. And all those pocket knives wore down to the shoulders are not all that great. Most of which went away with the honing, more than actual use.

I really didn't expect something as benign as this to compete with the real problems of the world anyway, but maybe it will give someone who is bored with politics (as if that could happen, right?) something to do. :)