View Full Version : Looking for Surveyor near Rock Hall,Maryland

Albert Dirsa
04-20-2001, 01:21 AM
Looking for Surveyor near Rock Hall,Maryland to survey a 1958,40ft. Hinckley or could someone give me some hints to do it my self?

Dale Genther
04-20-2001, 09:19 AM
I keep my wood 41 ft. German Frers Sr. design (BOREAL) in Rock Hall so I'm familiar with the area. As far as a surveyor in the area the best in my opinion is John Griffiths tel: 410-275-8750. He is an old time wooden boat man. He used to built boats in the UK. Sailed over to the Chesapeake and stayed. He knows what to look for and what is significant and what isn't. There is one guy in Annapolis who I would NOT use, he should never be allowed to get anywhere near a wood boat again. I won't mention his name on a puplic forum, but if you stay away from anyone from Annapolis you'll be OK. BTW the Hinckley you are looking at isn't by chance the one sitting at Peloris Marina that hails from San Francisco, I have a temperary mental block for the name but Misty comes to mind. If this is the boat the owner is a real character. One of those dreamers who bought a wood boat to sail off over the horizon, but got in too deep with the boat and now is in trouble over yard fees. I'll be in Rock Hall this weekend doing some varnishing at Spring Cove Marina if you want to stop by for add'l info.