View Full Version : HighTea, junk schooner

05-31-2001, 09:52 AM
A fellow named Brain Platt (since deceased) commissioned and owned this boat. He was the author of an article posted at Craig O'D's pages not so long ago. His brother believed the boat to have been sold on the East Coast of the US, possibly New York City area. We were wondering what became of it.

Some great pics can be found at the cheap pages; the link is in the design folder.

Anyone seen it in the last decade? Is it still in the NY area?


07-05-2001, 01:56 PM
Well, I get to answer my own question. A lurker emailed me that he had seen the boat at a yard in New Jersey, and a trip down there confirmed his report. It looked as you might expect a wood boat on the hard for too many years, but the all teak hull (and deck) was hanging on reasonably well.

A small sliver of woodenboat history (singlehanded west-east transpacific crossing in a Chinese hull, late 50's). Read all about it in "Parallel Forty North to Eureka", a book written by the owner Brian Platt, published posthumously by Anthony Platt. Details at the Cheap Pages. (search "dadadata" or "cheap pages" for the url)

There may be some current pics at that site soon.