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Arizona Bay
06-20-2013, 09:30 PM
The world is a mess?
The only way out is through... :D


Conscious evolution in front of your eyes
Conscious evolution in the back of your mind
Conscious evolution go on spread the word
We're all busy learning on a learning curve

Wounded in the battle lying in the weeds
Immersed in contemplation of history's evil deeds
He offered up to free will, free will flatly replied
Conscious evolution's all there is on your side

Conscious evolution its what turns me on
There's got to be a difference between right & wrong
All down through the ages struggling with the same thing
With a vision bold as love won't you help me sing

Man is just an animal the scientists say
For the sins of the father the son must pay
Jesus said to Buddha give Mohammed a call
Conscious evolution is the writing on the wall