View Full Version : Cape May NJ Boatyard?

Nora Lee
08-25-2001, 06:33 AM

Just met a couple from Cape May NJ, and they bought my friends very traditional gaff rigged Westsail 32. (Lots of wood down below guys!)

Our friend Ken, built her from a bare hull some 12-14 yrs ago in NH, her name is Elsa.

Anyway, Ken and Suzanne, the new owners are going to move her from EC,NC to Cape May, NJ and plan to live aboard.

They have a teak furniture importing company and need to find an affordable backwater marina that will accomodate Elsa and get to their retail store in Cape May without too much traffic etc.

Well guys, any ideas?


Scott Rosen
08-25-2001, 02:24 PM
I've seen the prices of teak imported furniture (gulp!), and I can't believe your friends would need "an affordable backwater marina." They should be able to afford one of those fancy places with gold-plated doorknobs, swimming pool, tennis courts, restaurant, baby-sitting, wife-sitting, you name it.

Nora Lee
08-26-2001, 10:40 AM

Their business is in a startup mode, and they are downsizing to the boat, all of the house $$$ went to start the business. They are hoping that the business will be their ticket out of Dodge in a few years.

It is amazing the schemes, we boating type will get into to finance our disease!

BTW do any of you have a picture of an antique sea chest, that I can have these 'teaky' friends, have one built for Sea Fever on their next trip to Maylasia?

I figure since Sea Fever was built in Saigon and rigged in Maylasia, it would be fitting to have a sea chest made there.

Any plans available for one, or do I have to design one myself?