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Nancy Stein
10-23-2000, 08:51 PM
I have some hurricane damage on my 1954 42' Matthews Boat. I had it trucked from Charleston to Anderson, South Carolina. It is in a lovely setting, with a 1820 house next to it, ready for whoever I can find to come fix my boat (the backlog in Charleston was so great they just wanted me to get it out of there). I'd like to email photos of the cosmetic damage on the side at the cat walk. Also the frame on the front window needs to be re-built, and the bottom sanded below the waterline.....to prep it for fiberglassing. I think I can handle the fiberglassin - it is the woodworking skill that I don't have. Needs a new transom too. I want to save my boat, but I need to find someone who can do the work. Any advice will be appreciated. Anderson is in the upstate of South Carolina, just below the mountains, exactly 1/2 way between Atlanta and Charlotte. Two hours to each of these cities. Amtrack station is 20 minutes away & the GSP Airport is 30 miles away. Plenty of restaurants within two miles for whoever does the work. Any advice or help greatly appreciated. I got a quote from Ross Marine in Charleston, but the quote isn't very meaninful because they didn't anticipate ever having anyone with the time to work on it. These old boats have to be saved! Thank you.

11-25-2000, 12:21 AM
Without knowing the extent of damage or your experience level it's hard to offer advice, but a couple of things come to mind.

One, what kind of an inspection did Ross Marine do? And/or when was the boat last surveyed. I ask because oftentimes transom repair involves repairs to the framing, knees, stringers & etc. Also, there may be other, more pressing needs to attend to. A friend refinished his cockpit only to find the engine beds were bad. So much for that pretty brightwork!

Again, not knowing your experience, I'd suggest having the whole boat looked at. You might not want to spring for a surveyor, but you might find someone in the Matthews Boat Owners Association or the Antique and Classic Boat Society locally who'd agree to take a look. Southern Crown Boatworks has a club directory at www.southerncrownboatworks.com/clubs.htm (http://www.southerncrownboatworks.com/clubs.htm)

Having lived on my Matthews Sailor for a number of years and having been involved with wooden boats on and off for 20 years or so, my first suggestion is that you stabilize the boat. You don't want the rest of the boat going to pot while you fix the transom. In my case it was the transom that went while I puttered with other things. Not wanting to worm my way around the engine, I postponed my inspection until I got around to removing it. By the time I did, the transom needed surgery. Now I had four major projects!

What I suggest is: Get the boat under cover, survey it, prioritize the work, then do ONE thing at a time while maintaining the basic integrity of the whole.

Hope this helps.

Rock Hill, SC

12-13-2000, 12:06 PM
Call Beaufort, SC information and ask for Howard Miles. If his number isn't available there, call Port Royal Landing Marina and ask them to get you in touch with him. He's a god! There is no one I would trust more.